Studie: The New Dad – Exploring Fatherhood within a Career Context

Die neue Studie „The New Dad – Exploring Fatherhood within a Career Context“ wurde vom Boston College for Work & Family vorgestellt.

Die Studie zeigt auf, dass moderne Väter sich nicht mehr als Brotverdiener sehen, sondern für ihre Kinder anwesende Väter sein möchten, die Zeit mit ihren Kindern verbringen können. Sie setzt sich auch mit der Frage auseinander, was heutzutage einen guten Vater ausmacht bzw. wie man ihn definieren kann und wie sich Vaterschaft heute von Vaterschaft vor Jahrzehnten unterscheidet. Die gesamte Studie kann man sich als PDF unter folgendem Link kostenlos downloaden.

Die wesentlichen Ergebnisse sind:

  • Most fathers in the study confirmed that their self-image at work increased in a positive way after having children, with many fathers reporting that their new role as parents had enhanced their reputation, credibility, and even career options.
  • Although new fathers felt supported by their bosses regarding work-life flexibility, most did not arrange formal flexible work arrangements as new mothers often do. Instead, these fathers used more informal, sometimes “stealth” approaches to balancing work and family issues.
  • In many cases the men were not prepared for how much work it can be to take care of a young child. They choose to spend time with their children, often at the expense of personal activities they previously enjoyed. Often their priorities changed to focus more on family and less on work. In some cases they adjusted their ambitions for professional advancement and career to take into account their new responsibilities and joys.
  • It is clear that after many years of struggle, women have earned legitimacy in both the home and work spheres. For the most part, moving from one sphere to another, or having a foot in each for some periods of time, is now considered both legitimate and commonplace. In terms of stay-at-home dads, however, men have not expe-rienced a similar revolution in terms of their role in the home and family sphere.


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